Postcode Programming API  PostTrans XL Visual Importer for Exchequer

PostTrans XL Visual Importer works within MS Excel which means you have the power of Excel to manipulate and gives extra functionality to data importation. Our users use PostTrans in so many different ways with award winning Exchequer Accounting Software.

We also have PostTrans Importer for Sage Line 50/200




Uses and Benefits

  • Easier to use than traditional CSV importers.   
  • Easy to learn, many example templates included
  • Highlights errors, in Exchequer coding, allowing user to correct data errors before import
  • Use the power of Excel Macros, and VBA, to manipulate data before import.  Almost anything is possible...
  • Remote Data Entry:Send users spread sheet to enter Orders, Timesheet or Expenses remotely, to post into Exchequer.  Professional version includes data lookups popup window which works remotely.  demo of this
  • Optionally review transactions before import
  • Amend static data and transactions, such as Stock Recrods, Customer/Stock Discount, and other related records in Exchequer Accounting Software
  • Enterprise + MS Excel + PostTrans XL Visual Importer = Save time, reduce errors, SAVE money

  PostTrans Training School: Your 25 minute free personal training videos

We have developed a 25 minute training course to give you a complete understanding of how to create your own PostTrans templates to achieve your goals, using our example templates as a starting point.


Download for new installation and upgrades. Works out of the box with “Electrics R Us”
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Pricing for the Basic and Pro version of PostTrans
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Typical use of PostTrans Importer with Exchequer Accounting Software:

PostTrans works within MS Excel you have the power of Excel to manipulate and add extra functionality to data importation. Thus many of our users use PostTrans to:

Remote Entry

Gathering Timesheets, Sales/Purchase Orders from remote users, then import into Exchequer Accounting Software.  more information on Importing Transactions

Buy from the cheapest supplier

Use PostTrans to select the cheapest supplier, from the data held within Exchequer's Enterprises alternate code database and discount matrix, to save you money.  more information on Ordering from Cheapest Supplier

Bulk Transaction Entry

Collate multiple Transactions on one spreadsheet to post into Exchequer Accounting Software. Such as monthly rent, etc.   This is covered towards the end of our second training video

Setting up initial system

Great for setting up systems. As PostTrans imports data, it checks the length of any fields and warns if they are over the length in Exchequer Accounting Software. We offer a "PostTrans Start-up" license, which allows use for 65 days.  See posttrans prices

Importing Transactions from legacy systems

Simply read text files from legacy systems into spreadsheet. Optionally manipulate data, in Excel, before importing either manually, using functions such as VLookup, using macros or VB Code. Such as adding Exchequer Cost Centre/Department analysis code

Maintain Stock Bill of materials

Bill of materials for stock items can easily be Exported/Amended/Imported by simply specifying the parent code, subcomponent stock code and the quantity.  more information on Import/Amend Bill of Materials

Maintain Customer/Supplier Discount Matrix

Complex discount matrix, for customer and supply records, can be Exported/Amended/Imported into Exchequer Accounting Software very easily.   more information on Import/Amend Customer/Supplier Discount Matrix

Update Posted/Daybook transaction lines

Used for importing updated costs, even though transactions have been posted in Exchequer Accounting Software. 
more information on Amend Posted/Daybook Transactions

Quickly perform a Exchequer stock take every morning from spreadsheet

This feature is used by a company who has multiple locations. Each morning, their distributors (setup as a location) submit a current stock levels in a structured text file. This text is read into a spreadsheet, and PostTrans amends the stock levels in Exchequer Accounting Software by simply posting a stock adjustment transaction. more information on Stock Take in Exchequer

If new stock codes are contained in the file, PostTrans can optionally automatically create new stock records with the details contained within the file.

PostTrans XL Visual Importer: Versions

Basic Version

Allows you to:

Professional Version

Allows you to:


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Customer Comment:

“Our Pension contributions are prepared at external sites in Excel and we use PostTrans to import the contributions straight in to Exchequer Enterprise saving valuable time and effort." says Laurence Dobney of Caterpillar Pensions Trust Ltd.