Master Link for ACT/FrontRange Goldmine CRM  Master Link for FrontRange Goldmine CRM:

Master Link CRM, links Exchequer Enterprise with Contact Management Software, for FrontRange Goldmine.

Master Link CRM displays transactional and order history information – allowing non account users, such as sales teams, to quickly access accounts data, such as credit control and sales history, from their favourite CRM software. Master Link CRM can create a new account record and update existing records in Exchequer Enterprise directly from the CRM, cutting out the need to maintain two databases. Any sales transaction can be entered directly through Master Link CRM into Exchequer Enterprise - with the addition of the Telesales module - Master Link CRM becomes the ideal solution for telesales operators.

To summarise – Master Link CRM can convert a prospect to a customer and then take an order through Enterprise Telesales. Other fields linked are: Notes, Sales history, defaults tab, drill down on credit control etc.

Uses and Benefits

Improve customer relations and profitability

Use one of the world's best selling CRM packages to schedule calls and track information about customers. Thus generally improving your customer communication with the benefit of better customer relations and profitability. Schedule follow-up calls after selling a product, to see if customer is happy and whether they would require more of your products.

Account Information within FrontRange Goldmine

Quickly and easily see the status of the account, for a customer, in FrontRange Goldmine.

Use Exchequer Enterprise to take Orders

From within FrontRange Goldmine, quickly switch from Goldmine to Exchequer Enterprise take on Order/Invoice/Telesales transaction for Goldmine contact

Use our enhanced telesales module to take orders.

Use FrontRange Goldmine, to schedule telesales calls and our enhanced telesales module to take orders fast and efficiently.   more information about our Enhanced TeleSales module.

Note : This product requires a COM Toolkit Runtime License.

Customer Quote:

Why use Master Link CRM? One of our Customers – David White, champion of surfboard racing, of WhiteBorders, one of the countries largest surfboard distributors says:- “When we talk to any dealer on the phone, we’re able to check the debt situation while he’s on the line and raise the question of payment in a lighthearted, not a pressured, manner. I estimate we’ve reduced debt by about £90,000 without having had to force the issue. By this alone the system has already paid for itself.”