Bespoke Customisation of Exchequer:

Comtek Accounts was one of the first Exchequer Development Centres, and indeed one of the first Exchequer dealers, with over 15 years of experience of Exchequer Enterprise customisation. Sam Smith, the MD of Comtek Accounts, has trained Exchequer end customers and other Exchequer dealers in the art of Exchequer Customisation.

In over 15 years, ComTek have developed many Exchequer off the shelf plug-ins, and specific bespoke customisation for customers both large and small.  Full list of Plug-ins for Exchequer Enterpise.

PostTrans has opened the door to many Exchequer sales. Allowing dealers and end users to create a whole variety of different uses. more about PostTrans XL Importer.

We also developed a XML eGateway Importer which can export the relevant data for an external system to display account status, history, order status, etc.  and submit virtually any type of transaction to Exchequer using a simple XML file. In addition to that, the XML file can also amend Account information before transaction import. Ideal for remote web based e-commerce systems.   more about XML eGateway Importer.

If you need bespoke customisation requirement for Exchequer accounting software please feel free to give us a call.

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Where are Comtek Accounts?:

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