Postcode Programming API  PostTrans XL Visual Importer: Install/Upgrade Notes

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System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000 onwards with Office 2003 onwards
  • A Desktop Pentium 200 with 64mb of Ram
  • Exchequer loaded and working
  • Exchequer COM/DLL Toolkit License unlocked
  • Office 23/64bit is supported since V16.2.0 for Exchequer V2016 R2
  • Exchequer MS SQL Version has minor restrictions, see Common Support Q/A.

Installing PostTrans and Testing

Make sure the COM Toolkit is unlocked

PostTrans is simple to install. It is installed much the same as Exchequer.

Install on system once

Simply download the installer.

Run on a PC which has had Exchequer previously installed on it. For Terminal Server see Extra Notes

Simply [Next] all options on install routine, do not change destination directory. 

This will have installed the program, in the Exchequer directory, for installation in each client PC.

Installing on each client

Open Excel and add PostTrans.xla add-in the same way as Exchequer OLE is installed.

PostTrans may ask to install client components needed. If this fails, it may have failed due to "Linked Connections" not turned on the on the Server. You may find a batch file in the Exchequer folder called "PostTransInstall_rightclick_run_as_administrator.BAT". If so, right click and run as Administrator. If not, you can read this article we prepared.

Next test the system works. See section "Test the PostTrans Installation" below on how to do this...

To Add XLA addins

Excel 2000/2003

Select "Tools >> Add ins" menu

Excel 2007/2010

Click on "File" tab

Select "Options" on left-hand side

On the new window that opened, select "add-ins" on left-hand side

Now press [Go] button


Click on [browse] button

Browse to Exchequer directory

Select PostTrans.xla

Remember: Answer "NO" to copy message.

Now use the "Customers and Stock.xls" in the “PostTrans” folder to test as described below in next section.

Toolbar should be visible:

PostTrans Toolbar

Important: Excel 2010, 2013 Security issues

Test the PostTrans Installation

From Jan 2014:

Simply open the "A Test PostTrans.xlsm" sheet in the "PostTrans” directory of the Exchequer directory (top file in list), which contains the following instructions.

Before Jan 2014:

Now open the "Customers and Stock.xls" in the "PostTrans” directory of the Exchequer directory.  Examples are also added to "Start >> All Programs >> PostTrans" on the machine first installed on.

Press the [Update Lookups] button on the PostTrans Toolbar, which should have appeared in Excel after installation of XLA add-in.

If error make sure the COM Toolkit is ulocked, see Common Support Q/A, or ring us on 01945 464854

Now select Exchequer company (we are only going to test the connection nothing will be written to company data file)

[Clear and Lookup Values] button. PostTrans will now populate the spread sheet with Customer data. If so PostTrans works fine.

Please browse the web site for demonstration videos, etc.

Unlock PostTrans

For demo purposes PostTrans will automatically work with “Electrics R Us” Enterprise Demonstration Company.

We can unlock PostTrans remotely. Simply phone us or drop us a line, that the software has been installed, using the contact form.

Please state company name and Site Code (if available).

After we unlocked the software, the next time you use PostTrans, it will get the license information from our licensing data server.

Additional actions for Terminal Server

If possible install the above, and test, while logged in a Admin user.

Next publish the PostTrans Install to other users using the following:

  • Open a command prompt
  • Navigate to directory
  • Enter:

c:\windows\system32\change user /install
c:\windows\system32\change user /execute


PostTrans should now work for other users, after selecting the PostTrans.xla within Excel

How to Upgrade:

Simply download the installer.

Make sure all PC’s with PostTrans installed in excel have excel closed.

Run on a PC which has had Exchequer previously installed on it.

Simply [Next] all options on install routine.


Important: With ALL copies of Excel closed which have PostTrans loaded