Comtek Accounts other Exchequer plug-ins:

ComTek Accounts have written many product enhancements for Exchequer Enterprise. Below is a list:

Automatic Delivery Routing 

Exports delivery note data to Paragon, which is one of the most comprehensive route planners available.  Indeed it is used by Tesco's to plan route of deliveries.   Paragon then routes all deliveries using the most efficient route for delivery.  The link then updates each delivery note, in Exchequer, with drivers name and route number.  Then prints the delivery notes in delivery route order.  Click here for more information

Quotewerks Link to Exchequer

The QuoteWerks link for Exchequer. Imports finalised quotes from QuoteWerks, with unlimited text, to produce quotes or sales orders in our Exchequer quickly and easily.

Delivery Note Export to Logistics company

A simply program which exports a list of all SDN‘s in daybook, which have not been exported before, to a single CSV file. Then prints each one to PDF and uploads these files to remote logistics companies FTP site.

   Delivery Note Export to Logistics
  0:00 Export Order via CSV file
  3:50 Print and FTP delivery notes

Delivery Days

Plug-in to monitor supplier days taken to deliver stock, on POR's + Returns Log and reasons

   Exchequer Plugin: Delivery Days

Export New Orders

Export all new orders to external warehouse software, and set stock level every morning, at two separate Exchequer installations, at two locations. And then keep the two companies stock levels in sync throughout the day automatically.

Hide stock description lines

This Plug-in allows you to use extra stock description line on the Purchase Ledger, in Exchequer Enterprise, which has supplier specific supplier information when purchasing. But have it removed when same stock item is used on the Exchequer sales ledger.  Click here for more information

Multiple units of stock

This Plug-in enhances the stock module to allow the qty and weight, of a stock item to be tracked.  For example, the system knows that it has 4 rolls of paper, which weighs a total of 35.7 kg

Prioritised Bespoke Picking List

This plug-in allows customers to be prioritised in to classifications A,B,C,D.  Then as and when, an operator can produce a consolidated picking list, for each van run (Route), which gives stock to the customers with highest priority.  A Picking List is then produced in Route, Post code order.  The stock is then picked and any changes to pick qty are made on special screen.  Finally before delivery the system prints all delivery notes in Route, Post code order, plus a driver sheet for each Route/Run.  Click here for more information

Pick All on an WOR

This routine adds an extra option when the user closes an Works order.  It simply allows the user to pick all stock, regardless of stock levels, on the Works order.  Click here for more information

Sales Widget for Customers Desktop

This consists of a very small program which when installed gives customers LIVE access to your stock levels and teir own pricing. 

   Exchequer Plugin: Sales Widget

Statement Plug-in

Excludes accounts with a small balance from statement run. More info

Stock take every morning

Reads a text file of stock levels from the warehouse system and effectively adjusts the stock level in Exchequer every morning for the selling of goods. Without the need to Filter/Freeze and process in Exchequer. If stock items do not exist in Exchequer then automatically creates them.

Waste Management Brokerage System

A program which aids fast order entry for Skip Hire.  If residential customer takes Credit Card.  Posts Sales and Purchase side to Exchequer for accounting functionality and commission reporting. With many many more bells and whistles.

Plus an online reporting system which gives the end customer a breakdown of the recovered waste. More info on Waste Management Broker System