Postcode Programming API  PostTrans XL Visual Importer: Update Exchequer Transaction Lines

This is only available in the Professional version of PostTrans


Update price after transactions have been posted

It is not possible to update the financial figures on a transaction after having posted it, but PostTrans will allow you to update Transaction Line user fields.   The values of which can be then used in reports.


The following show the template:

When the user activates PostTrans, it scans invoices posted for the specified period and year.   It then lists any stock codes, down the sheet, which are on the transactions.   After the initial scan the user can enter the true cost in column C.  


When activated for the second time, PostTrans writes back the values entered in column C to any lines containing the stock code within the specified period.   The transactions updated are listed in column E for verification purposes.

Note: This template expects to find data in the positions specified above.