Prioritised Bespoke Picking List for Exchequer:

This plug-in allows customers to be prioritised in to classifications A,B,C,D. Then as and when, an operator can produce a consolidated picking list, for each van run (Route), which gives stock to the customers with highest priority. A Picking List is then produced in Route, Post code order. The stock is then picked and any changes to pick qty are made on special screen. Finally before delivery the system prints all delivery notes in Route, Post code order, plus a driver sheet for each Route/Run.

0:00 Create Demo Data
2:30 Create Picking List
3:45 Print Picking List
4:20 Amend Picking List
4:45 Finalise Convert SOR to SIN/SDN
8:00 Print SIN/SDN


Process Picking and SOR conversion to SIN in background

Print consolidated Picking List

Quick amendment of Picking List with actual figures

Prioritise Stock to best customers

Email batch of delivery notes to remote warehouse for delivery