Waste Management Brokerage System:

A program which aids fast order entry for Skip Hire.  If residential customer takes Credit Card.  Posts Sales and Purchase side to Exchequer for accounting functionality and commission reporting. With many many more bells and whistles.

Plus an online reporting system which gives the end customer a breakdown of the recovered waste. Enter DEMO, DEMO at for demo of online reporting system

See below for demo videos and spec document.


Order Pad System has many features:


  1. Dedicated Program, with MS SQL Database to reduce IT support and make install simpler
  2. Syncs with Exchequer Accounting Software
  3. Faster Data Entry and Better User Interface for more efficient Order Taking
  4. Better reliability as built on MS SQL server for less down time


  1. Find the nearest Supplier, based on postcode area OR distance
  2. Auto links to Supplier Price List documents
  3. Supplier pricing held in Database, and imported from Excel template
  4. Import Supplier prices from spreadsheet, enabling easier setup
  5. Flag certain Stock Groups as being offered from only certain Authorised Suppliers
  6. Suggest price based on Margin set on stock code level
  7. Supplier Actual Price paid set, and available for reporting after Supplier Invoices is entered in Exchequer
  8. Multiple Supplier contacts + Always BCC e-mail address
  9. Suppliers which are not relevant to skip hire can be hidden from selection.

Customer Ratings

  1. Automatically send a mobile friendly e-mail to Customer to capture Supplier rating, and automatically import, day after Collection
  2. Review customer ratings since x date
  3. A warning can be set against any Customer/Supplier.  This can be used for informing operator of Key account or special terms relating to account.


  1. After posting a Purchase Order.  Added to a conformation list.  The Operator then uses this to double check with supplier that they have processed the order
  2. Alarms added to chase up Collection and Exchanges
  3. Notes with attachments
  4. Button in Exchequer to e-mail SRI Invoice to non-account customer after Credit Card Transaction reconciliation following day
  5. Identify those which need collection
  6. Purchase Order has unlimited Special Notes
  7. Google Maps and Directions available at click of a button
  8. Sales/Purchase e-mails, containing the Sales Invoice, can have up to 4 attachments for T&C’s
  9. Repeat Credit Card Transactions if authorised by customer.  No need to take credit card details, but on previous card held in Sage Pay.


We can find jobs, and associated stages, by:

  1. Customer code if an account customer
  2. Postcode for Job
  3. Supplier Account Code
  4. Any part of first line of address
  5. Customer Ref
  6. Job Number, this is prefixed with the operator’s code, and is unique to each job
  7. OurRef, our invoice number


  1. Capture of customer e-mail addresses for marketing e-mails.  For use with Mail Chimp


  1. Suppliers not had price set since x
  2. User turnover with Actual price paid for services
  3. Customer reviews since x
  4. Get captured marketing e-mails since x

Demo Videos:

   #1 Taking a Residential Order
  0:00 Log In
  0:20 Side Bar
  1:36 Work List
  2:50 New Order
  3:30 Postcode Search
  3:30 Postcode Search
  4:50 Manual Stock Selection
  4:05 Stock Selection from Nearest Supplier
  6:20 Add Line Manually
  7:00 Credit Card Order
  8:00 Accessing the Supplier Record
  9:00 Google Map and Directions
  9:30 Posting a Delivery
  10:00 Notes and Alarms
  11:00 Sales and Purchase e-mail
  12:20 More about th e Worklist and Searching
  13:00 Post an Exchange
  14:20 Order Conformation

   #2 Taking a Account Customer Order
  0:00 Creating Account Customer Order
  1:10 Postcode Search
  1:15 Google Map and Directions
  1:30 Entering the Order Line
  3:00 Special Instructions
  3:20 Excess Charge
  3:45 Post the Order
  4:30 Create a Collection Instruction

   #3 Online Reporting System
  1:50 Report per site
  1:05 Different types of Graph
  1:20 Export Image or Raw Data
  1:30 Recovery
  2:00 Waste Type
  2:20 EWC
  2:24 Transactions + Documents
  3:00 Profit for Customer/Job
  3:15 Final Destination