Stock Consignment Module for Exchequer Enterprise:

Process: Consignment Allocation

This module was written for a company, which imports consignments of flowers every week and sells them on to customers. At the start of the week they prepare a spreadsheet, which lists all the consignments which they are going to sell the following week. On the spreadsheet, they can allocate stock consignments to each salesperson within the organisation. When the spreadsheet is finalised, they can simply click on a button to import all stock consignments into Exchequer enterprise.

Process: Order Entry

At order entry stage the user can see all the consignments they are allocated to sell, plus any consignments not allocated to sales person (free stock) to quickly allocate stock to a customer.

Process: Finalise Orders

Mid afternoon the orders are finalised for the day. The Consignment Module produces:

  • Delivery notes which are either Printed, Faxed or e-mailed
  • Stock level sheet, which lists all stock/consignments available to be sold
  • Delivery sheet which is Faxed to the warehouse for processing, and delivery to customer

Process: Invoice Sales

At any time the delivery notes can be converted to invoices, and optionally consolidated.

Information: Profitability

Incoming Purchase invoices are allocated to the sold consignments, thus allowing reports to be produced, which list the Profit for each consignment.

Information: Sales Reports

Sales reports can be produced, listing the performance for each sales person.

Integrated at the heart leading accounts software

This module is integrated in to the heart of Exchequer Enterprise, leading mid range accounting software, from Software. Thus this package gives you all the core functionality you would expect from a leading accounts package.