Master Buyer, order from cheapest supplier, in Exchequer Enterprise:

Master Buyer is a stand alone purchase price matrix, which allows quick selection of the best supplier, to purchase new stock at the best price from a price matrix.
The price matrix may either be entered in the database or may be maintained/imported from Excel. An expiry date may be entered against each price for special offers.


Easy to maintain your price matrix

Maintain your cost prices in Microsoft Excel and simply click to import into Master Buyer price matrix system.

Select the cheapest price from supplier

Master buyer offers a similar interface to the Exchequer reorder wizard, except if more than one price available for different suppliers. It displays that price information for the user to select the cheapest price.

Take advantage of Special Offers

Able to put special offers in price matrix with expiry dates..


Price £1,044 + 25% Annual Support


  • Exchequer 5+ is loaded with the COM Toolkit enabled and registered on each PC.
  • MS Access 2000 or 2002

Customer Comment:

Its great. I simply put a warning in the Stock general notes, and then a user sees it whenever they add that item to an order. We use it to warn the buyer of certain options which could be purchased with products, thus ensuring we optimize our selling potential. says Derrick Bolton