Comtek Accounts Plug-ins for Exchequer Accounting Software:

Comtek Accounts are an independent Exchequer Integration Partner, with over 15 years of experience of the Exchequer Accounting Software.   Our products include:

PostTrans XL Visual Importer icon
PostTrans XL Visual Importer

PostTrans XL Visual Importer, enables users to import/update Exchequer data such as Remote Timesheets, Sales/Purchase Invoices/Orders, Nominal journals, etc. from external systems+manage Customer/Supplier/Stock/Discounts/BOMs/Alt codes,Matched Payments and update posted transactions. A multitude of different uses...
XML eGateway Importe icon
XML eGateway Importer

XML eGateway Transaction Importer allows external systems to post transactions into Exchequer Accounting Software, by simply submitting an XML data file, or by e-mail + optionally create/update related data such as customer/stock records. Pro Version exports essential data, for e-commerce web site links.
iPad/PDA Remote Ordering icon
Remote iPad/PDA Ordering Catalogue

ComTek Accounts have written a link between the award winning Exchequer Accounting Software and MiniSell/PixSell. Minisell will allow your field sales reps to become more effective in their daily tasks, enabling them to see account status/history and taking orders on PDA's while at customers premises. PixSell facilitates ordering and product catalogue from an iPad.
sales-i Business Analysis icon
sales-i Business Sales Analysis/CRM

sales-i is a unique sales management software, business intelligence and CRM application designed for a myriad of manufacturing, distribution and wholesale businesses. By working in sync with your Exchequer package, sales-i highlights and delivers key insights to help grow revenue and profits within existing accounts, on PC, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad.
Install XLA Add-in Wizard icon
FREE: Install XLA Add-in Wizard

The Install XLA Add-in Wizard allows the END USER to quickly install a set of XLA add-ins into Excel (Version 97 onwards)
Quotewerks Link to Exchequer icon
Quotewerks Link to Exchequer

The QuoteWerks link for Exchequer. Imports finalised quotes from QuoteWerks, with unlimited text, to produce quotes or sales orders in our Exchequer quickly and easily.
Enhanced TeleSales Module icon
Enhanced TeleSales Module

Master Link TeleSales Enhanced Module enables the user to quickly take an order whilst the customer is on the phone. Producing a Sales Order in Exchequer. It offers the operator a telesales list of products specific to that customer, special offer list, live Exchequer stock price and levels all on one screen.
Postcode Address Software icon
Postcode Address Finder Software

Simply Postcode Address lookup for Exchequer, simply activate - enter postcode - select address - and the software fills the appropriate information into Exchequer account record or delivery address. Works “out of the box” with most other common CRM and Office apps.
Notes Plug-in icon
Notes Plug-in: Business Alerts

more about Notes Plug-in
The Notes Plug-In, for Exchequer, displays General notes for an account or stock record, if any exist, when the user enters an account code or stock code in a transaction. Thus providing business alerts within Exchequer Enterprise. Such as special delivery instructions or credit control notes.
Data Warehouse icon
Data Warehouse in MS Access

more about Data Warehouse
The Data Warehouse extracts Exchequer Enterprise data and replicates it in an external Microsoft Access Database or Microsoft SQL Database. Thus allowing easy bespoke reporting or data integration for external systems and Exchequer Enterprise
Hide Stock Description icon
Hide Stock Description

This Plug-in allows you to use extra stock description line on the Purchase Ledger, in Exchequer Enterprise, which has supplier specific supplier information when purchasing. But have it removed when same stock item is used on the Exchequer sales ledger.
Master Link CRM icon
Master Link CRM Link

Master Link CRM, links Exchequer with Contact Management Software, such as Goldmine. It displays live Exchequer transactional and order history allowing non account users, such as sales teams, to quickly access important accounts data within Goldmine.
What Our Customers Say icon
Other Exchequer Plug-ins

ComTek have developed many plug-ins for a wide range of customers both big and small specifically for Exchequer Accounting Software.
Exchequer Bespoke icon
Exchequer Bespoke Customisation

ComTek have developed many bespoke requirements for your Exchequer system and can help with almost any requirement. ComTek have over 15 years of experience in bespoke Exchequer development and Support.

Postcode Finder Software

Comtek Accounts have developed Postcode Software which adds address lookup to virtually any windows application or web site, using our Desktop software, AJAX enabled web templates, or programming API.  Our data is provided by the Royal Mail and is updated daily.

About our Exchequer Customisation Centre:

Comtek Accounts were one of the first dealers to sell Exchequer Enterprise way back in the 1990’s. We have therefore sold, implemented and supported Exchequer.

As a result of implementing/supporting Exchequer for a whole range of customers, we have an unprecedented experience of the Exchequer product and Support.   We have thus created many dynamic successful off the shelf add-ons and customisation for the Exchequer product.

Our head of development, Sam Smith was often used by Exchequer Software to train new Exchequer Software resellers, or large customers, in using the COM Toolkit and customised plug-ins.

Indeed Sam Smith was often recommended by the MD of Exchequer Software to provide successful complex customisation for Exchequer software customers. Some of these Exchequer add-ons/plugins have been extended to create off the shelf products, such as our Master Link (CRM link to ACT and Goldmine), Notes Plugin (Exchequer business alerts), PostTrans XL Visual Importer (easy importation from Excel into Exchequer Accounting Software), Data Warehouse (easy reporting/bespoke integration using MS Access or MS SQL) and XML e-gateway (XML transaction importation).

PostTrans has opened the door to many Exchequer sales.   Indeed it is Exchequers Number 1 top selling plug-in, allowing resellers and end users to use in a whole variety of different ways. more about PostTrans XL Visual Importer.

We have now been developing a version of PostTrans for Importing into Sage 50 from Excel. We have used our 18 years of experience to implement the best Sage 200 Import module, or Sage 50, available.

The XML eGateway Importer which can export the relevant data for an external system to display account status, history, order status, etc.  and submit virtually any type of transaction to Exchequer using a simple XML file, or XML e-mail. In addition to that, the XML file can also amend Account information before transaction import. Ideal for remote web based e-commerce systems.   more about XML eGateway Importer.

These products were all developed in response to Exchequer support, customer requests and requirements.

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