XML eGateway  XML eGateway Online Manual:

The XML eGateway can be tested using the supplied test program. More about XML eGateway Test Program

XML eGateway Main screen

Demo Video

0:00 Intro
5:00 Import SOR example
7:00 How failures are handled
7:30 Pro Export of Data
8:30 System Settings walk through


XML eGateway Settings

The XML eGateway settings are stored in 3 XML files:

  • eGatewayXMLSettings.xml, stores main settings. “View >> System Settings” menu. More about settings
  • eGatewayXMLConversion.xml, stores conversion lists. “View >> Conversion Settings” menu. More about conversion lists
  • eGatewayXMLSettingsPro.xml, settings for exporting data using the Pro version. “Pro >> Settings” menu. More about export settings

XML eGateway Logs and Errors

The XML eGateway logs all activity to an Activity1.log, with the most recent at the bottom. Errors and warnings are also logged to file to. These log files are accessible from the “View >> Activity Log” menu. When a log file gets to 32k the program archives it to Activity2.log, and starts a new Activity1.log.

The Error1.log file should show an error in detail

The Warning1.log lists any fields which have gone over length, or have failed a conversion in the conversion list. More about conversion lists

Field mappings

“Options >> Field Database in MS Access”

This Meta database lists all XML fields mapped in XML eGateway. Default values, conversion lists can be defined in here. Always take a backup and edit with care.

Requires MS Access to view and edit file XMLSettings.mdb

Other menu options

“Options >> Send Test Mail”

To test the e-mail address/address's which receive error messages

“Options >> Test IMAPI Mail”

If set up to collect mail and import from XML plain text e-mail. This tests mail collection.

“Options >> Export to CSV Common”

This will export all common info, such as GL, VAT, Currency list to CSV file. This can help developers

Pro menu options

This menu is only visible if enabled. Three separate export routines can be set up which can be activated from under this menu.

Pro Version:

Export, for FTP, of Exchequer Enterprise data several times a day.   This will allow external systems to lookup
Customer, Stock and Transaction Info.

This data can be exported in CSV format.


Other useful Information:

Troubleshooting section