Postcode Lookup Address Software for Bespoke

Simply Postcode lookup - a new revelation in postcode lookup software for Goldmine, using the internet.

We offer the following methods of integration:

Desktop Application including Goldmine, ACT, Microsoft CRM and Enterprise

Web Integration

Integration into Bespoke Applications using COM Objects

Integration into Bespoke Applications using SOAP Web Service

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Postcode Address Lookup for Bespoke Application using COM Object:

Postcode Lookup Software integrated into a Bespoke Application Microsoft Access

The above video shows Postcode Lookup Software integrated into a Bespoke Application.  These examples, in Microsoft Access and Excel, are included as part of the installation.   

Easy Integration using COM Object in VB 6 or any other programming language:

Simply download application and install on network.  

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Open MS Access or MS Excel examples included in installation

Add button to your Application, to activate the Postcode Address search, using the following code.  

VB.NET/Visual Basic Postcode Address Search Code:

'Open Postcode Address Search object to perform search
Dim LookupSoftware As Object
Set LookupSoftware = GetObject("", "COMAddress.Lookup")

With LookupSoftware

   ' US=Zip code search,UK=Postcode address Search
   .SearchType = "UK" 

   'To prime search box from your application
   .SearchPrima = "" 

   'Set search window Title
   .SearchTitle = "Search Example" 

   'Show Address Search window
   If .SearchForCode() Then


      'The following are for UK Only
      Me.DeliveryPointSuffix = .DeliveryPointSuffix
      Me.nohouseholds = .nohouseholds
      Me.smallorg = .smallorg
      'Postcode Address Search cancelled
   End If
End With

COMAddress.Lookup is a COM object, which in the above example is being used in VB, but the same object could easily be used with VB.NET, Delphi, and another language which allows you to create and use a COM object.

The above code will call our standard address lookup desktop application which is running in the background.   

This has the advantage that the address lookup search window can be used with other applications which the user may be using.

Our Postcode lookup service is "Black Box" Lookup Service.  Or in other words, simply add it to your software, and install on client PC's.  We take care of all the management tasks.


Postcode Address Lookup for Microsoft .NET Application:

The above video shows Postcode Lookup Software integrated into a Microsoft VB.NET application via a SOAP Web Service.  But the service could be used in many other programming languages.

Download sample code 


Easy Integration using SOAP Web Service:

Open an on-line account  

Create a "Data Key" using the option with the online account  

Simply create a Web Reference to within .NET project  

Simply use the example code to integrate a Postcode Lookup service into your .NET Application


Click here for the SOAP Web Service


Example code for Postcode Address Lookup SOAP Web Service in VB.NET:


'Search for full Postcode or other address fields



'Define the SOAP Web service to get Postal address by Postcode

Dim PostcodeSearch As New PostcodeWebService.WebService

Dim SearchPrima As New PL_SearchPrimaRecord

Dim AddressesDataReturned As New PL_AddressesDataReturnedRecord


'Set search criteria, either full Postcode or Two other address fields

With SearchPrima

  .Postcode = Me.InpPostcode.Text

End With


'Do Search, on Postcode or two or more address fields

AddressesDataReturned = PostcodeSearch.SearchForAddress( _

       Me.InpDataKey.Text, _

      "TestUser", "UK", SearchPrima)


If AddressesDataReturned.SearchPerformedWithoutError Then

  'Display results, no major error

  If AddressesDataReturned.ErrorMessage <> "" Then 



  With AddressesDataReturned

    'Show amount of Postocde Lookup credits left

    Me.Text = .CreditsStatusText


    'Remember the URL to buy more Postocde Lookup credits

    LinkToBuyMoreCredits = .BuyMoreCreditsURL

    Me.LinkTOBuyMore.Visible = True


    'Put Address data in listview

    Dim x&

    For x = 0 To .LineCount

      Dim itemToAdd As ListViewItem = ListView1.Items.Add(   

                        _.Lines(x).ID, 0)



  End With


  Me.TabControl1.SelectedIndex = 1


  'Display error (Account stuff mostly)


End If

And to finally read the Postal Address:

'Get ID from Listbox in hidden column 0

Dim AddressID As String = ListView1.Items(ListView1.SelectedItems.Item(0).Index).SubItems(0).Text


'Define Postcode Address Lookup SOAP Web service

Dim PostcodeSearch As New POstcodeWebService.WebService

Dim Address As PL_AddressRecord


'Ask for Address by ID

Address = PostcodeSearch.GetAddressRecord(Me.InpDataKey.Text, _

          "TestUser", "UK", AddressID)


Me.TabControl1.SelectedIndex = 2


If Address.AddressRecordGotWithoutError Then

  'Display results

  If Address.ErrorMessage <> "" Then MsgBox(Address.ErrorMessage)


  'Process the Address to text field

  Dim AddressText As String

  With Address

    AddressText = "Company:" & .CompanyName & vbCrLf



  End With

  Me.TxtAddress.Text = AddressText


  'Display error (Account stuff mostly)


End If


Please note: Section 3.5 of the terms and conditions state: "The Customer, when using the Postcode Lookup service via Web Service, must make sure each user is identified by username, in each call to the Web Service."   In simple language this means that each user must be identified by a unique username.  

So "TestUser" must be each user name, this is to ensure any future changes in the Royal Mail License agreement can be complied with.

Other Features and

Simple Installation:

Download and get up and running in minutes, see below  

Easy to install on Network PCs

Install on Laptops for remote workers

Interfaces with all top packages:

Your own web site: Add Postcode Lookup to your own web pages

Microsoft Packages: Outlook, Word, Excel

CRM Packages: Goldmine, ACT, Maximiser,  MS CRM, plus others

Accounts Software: Sage, Pegasus, Access Accounts, Enterprise, plus others

Bespoke Software: Simple integration in Microsoft Access, VB Applications, Any other language

Cost Effective:

Site license, install on as many PC's as you wish

Pay as you go

Most cost effective system available

No expensive user licenses needed

Remote users/Laptops can use system

Search Options:

Search by UK Postcode, simply enter post code to retrieve full address into Bespoke Application

Always up to date:

Postcode information: Retrieved from our up to date Web server, the latest information at your finger tips.  No need to load updates every few months.   Always have accurate Postcode information using our add-on for your Bespoke Application or Web Site


Other Information:

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