Why is PostTrans failing to install?

Your machine, Vista or Windows 7, has extra security features which stop PostTrans installing itself automatically.   This has been added to Vista and Windows 7, by Microsoft, to stop virus's being spread in Excel sheets.


PostTrans needs:

1) Administration rights, to allow updates to the registry

2) User Account Control (UAC) needs temporally turning off


1) Administration rights


If you do not have administrator rights.  Your Network administrator needs to either:


1) Give you administrator rights  temporally to install PostTrans

2) Log on as an administrator.  Then make sure Enterprise works when logged in as this user.  Then open Excel and add PostTrans.xla


2) User Account Control (UAC) needs temporally turning off


Go to "Control Panel", and type "UAC" in the search bar:

After search, click on "Change User Account Control settings"


To display:


Now move the slider down to "Never Notify".  Press [OK]


Now reboot PC, and rerun PostTransInstall.exe from the Enterprise directory.


PostTrans should now run in Excel


Then go back into control panel and reverse the UAC settings, reboot.  Finished