How to run PostTrans Install as Administrator

The install needs to access Exchequer directory while elevated as Administrator. We recommend Answer 2 since next time you need to do this you already have a simple file to run.

Answer 1 - Enable "Linked Connections" Group Policy on Server (Recommended)

This can be done in a number of ways on the server. Please see:

Enable Linked Connections

Mapped drives are not available from an elevated prompt when UAC is configured to "Prompt for credentials" in Windows

Now reboot client PC's for change to take affect.

Answer 2 - Single use method

Press [Windows Key] + X, to access support menu.

Open DOS prompt as administrator "Command Prompt (Admin)"

Enter "Net use X: \\MyServ\ExchequerShare", where \\MyServ\ExchequerShare is the share on your server

Enter "X:" and return

Enter "Dir" and return

You should now see the exchequer directory, the same as you normally see it.

Enter "PostTransInstall.exe" to install, it show work fine if the correct drive has been mapped.

Answer 3 - Permanent method (Recommended)

Please follow the following steps:

Step 1) Does PostTransInstall_rightclick_run_as_administrator.BAT already exist in the Exchequer directory. If so go to step 5.

Write a batch file, which we will run as Administrator, to map the Exchequer drive and run the PostTrans install as Administrator. Recent versions of PostTrans install will attempt to create this file, and run it when needed, so please stick to the exact name of the batch file.

You may need to turn on "Show file extensions" on your PC, else you will not see the .BAT extension. see: How to show file extensions

Step 2) Create a batch file in the Exchequer directory called PostTransInstall_rightclick_run_as_administrator.BAT

Step 3) Edit it in notepad to say:

Net use X: \\MyServ\ExchequerShare
cd exchSQL

where \\MyServ\ExchequerShare is the network share on your server. And X is the Exchequer drive and ExchSQL is the Excehquer directory. Your NAMES may be different

Step 4) Save the file

Step 5) Right click on the new batch file and select "Run as Administrator"

Why do I need to do this?

Since Windows 8 and 10, extra user security was added to windows, to protect users from malware etc. The PostTrans install is run as Administrator by Windows, if you allow it when prompted and if you as a user are allowed to run it as administrator. But when run as Administrator, the PostTrans install can no longer access Exchequer because the Mapped drive (X in our example) is not mapped for then user. The Batch file above fixes this before running PostTransInstall.exe