Master Link Web Portal

Built on over 10 years of experience gained developing many popular off the shelf solutions for Enterprise, we are developing a hosted web portal, to give you and your employees unrivalled access to company accounting functionality.   [Submit Question or Suggestion]

The Web Portal can be used in either/both of the following modes:

Stand alone Web Portal

Customers will be able to log on to their own account to place orders quickly, or enter orders based on previous order history.   This could be integrated into your own web site easily.

Remote workers to login to view/add/edit their own Sales Orders (for customers they are responsible for), Purchase orders (including Picking), Timesheets and Expenses.  All off these transaction will optionally go through 3 levels of authorisation, with e-mail and SMS alerts to the authoriser.

CRM Web Portal

Any CRM/Bespoke application capable of showing a web page related to and account will be easily enabled, to display Enterprise account/transaction information, take orders, with telesales option. 

This will display key accounting information, for the current account displayed in CRM/Bespoke application.  The user will then be able to drill down to view current Invoices, Credit Notes, Sales Orders, Quotes held in Enterprise.  If the current contact does not exist in Enterprise, then an option will allow the user to create a new customer/supplier in Enterprise.

Depending on user settings and modules enabled the user will be able to enter Invoices, Credit Notes, Sales Orders, Quotes.  An optional OrderPad will display all items previously bought, for quick and easy order entry.

This can easily be added to Bespoke Applications, Microsoft CRM, Goldmine and ACT and virtually any other CRM package.

How will it work?

A simple interface program will be loaded at your Enterprise installation, which will provide the functionality to publish the accounting information to our secure web server.  This program will allow the importation of Transactions live (Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Timesheets, Expenses, etc.), or when activated.

Our webs servers will then provide the above functionality to your users anywhere in the world, using the latest .NET and AJAX technology.

More detail


Authorisation: All transactions will optionally go through 3 levels of authorisation, with e-mail and SMS alerts to the authoriser.  The authoriser will either login to see all transactions to authorise or simply reply to request from e-mail or SMS message (also showing transaction to authorise)

Enterprise Business Rules: The system will obey the normal cost centre and department rules as defined in Enterprise. 

Discount Matrix: A majority of Enterprise discount matrix will be supported similar to our popular MiniSell interface.

Locations: The system will display the free stock level of a single or multiple stock locations.

Expense: Expense Types will be created to define how and where each expense will be posted in Enterprise

Timesheet: Each user will be able to enter/edit/view the hours against a job for a whole week in one go, against designed Time Rates held in Enterprise.

Users: The system will be very flexible, thus users could be:

        Enterprise User

        Enterprise Job Costing Employee

        Enterprise Customer

        Any other user added (CRM/Bespoke application)

Managing user settings will be simplified by allowing you to setup user groups, and apply group settings to each user.  Users will be managed in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, uploaded using a free cut down version of PostTrans.