K2:My Garden:Main Settings


Name: Name of system

OpenWeatherMap Parameters

OpenWeatherMap Key: This can be got by opening an account at openweathermap.org
Longtitude: (7dp) Setting this enables the system to get weather reports for your area. Predicted rain and temperature are used to adjust the watering in each program
Latitude: (7pd)

Rain Prediction

These trigger points are optionally used in the programs to decrease the watering if it has rained. K2 gets the weater several times a day to and uses the following thresholds. These are then used in each program to adjust watering.
Rain Fall Level 1: mm (1dp) Damp - Set to above value, to trigger level adjustment 1
Rain Fall Level 2: mm (1dp) Wet - Set to above value, to trigger level adjustment 2
Rain Fall Level 3: mm (1dp) Very Wet - Set to above value, to trigger level adjustment 3
Within x hours: Set number of hours within programed watering

Heat Sensors Calibration (if used)

Heat sensors can be added for use in green house
Heat Sensor 1: 20° If temp is wrong enter true temp and Save
Heat Sensor 2: 32° Heat sensor 1/2 are assigned to each program

Valve Names

Valve 1: Name your valves here. Leave blank if no valve connected
Valve 2:
Valve 3:
Valve 4:
Valve 5:
Valve 6:
Valve 7:
Valve 8:

Other Settings

Show extra info: when on shows calculation of how water durtation was arived at. Usefull for debugging.
Water flow: Ticked if Water sensor between Main valve and others to detect if water flows
Battery Voltage: V (1dp) Used for low battery warning if running on battery