Postcode Lookup software for ACT, Goldmine, Enterprise

Simply Postcode Address lookup - a new revelation in postcode address lookup software using the internet. 

Simply activate - enter postcode - select address - and the software fills the appropriate information into your favourite Microsoft, CRM, Accounts application or your own web site.  

Thus reducing errors and speeding up data entry.


Postcode Address Lookup Software for:

Simply Postcode Address Finder for Enterprise

Simply Postcode Address Finder for Goldmine

Simply Postcode Address Finder for ACT

Simply Postcode Address Finder for Microsoft CRM

    and for many other popular CRM and Accounts packages, plus your own web site or Bespoke App

    Download and install in minutes for trial !!!

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Simple Installation:

Download and get up and running in minutes

Easy to install on Network PCs

Install on Laptops for remote workers

Add your own application easily

Interfaces with all top packages:

Your own web site: Add Postcode Lookup to your own web pages

Microsoft Packages: Outlook, Word, Excel

CRM Packages: Goldmine, ACT, Maximiser,  MS CRM, plus others

Accounts Software: Sage, Pegasus, Access Accounts, Enterprise, plus others

Bespoke Software: Simple integration in Microsoft Access, VB Applications, Any other language

Cost Effective:

Site license, install on as many PC's as you wish

Pay as you go

Most cost effective system available

No expensive user licenses needed

Remote users/Laptops can use system

Always up to date:

Postcode information: Retrieved from our up to date Web server, the latest information at your finger tips.  No need to load updates every few months.

More applications being added every dayAs we add more applications to the system, they are automatically broadcast to your installation, keeping you up to date.

Postcode Lookup software for Microsoft CRM

The aim of Simply Postcode Address lookup, is to make it work with as many applications as possible "out of the box", easy to install and maintain. At the time of writing Simply Postcode Address lookup works with most top CRM (ACT, Goldmine, Prospect and Maximizer) and Accounts packages (Sage, , Pegasus, etc).  The following video shows it working with the Microsoft CRM.   The Microsoft CRM is a completely web based CRM package, Simply Postcode Address lookup is installed on each client machine, which has the advantage that it is also available in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, plus any other applications you want to add Postcode Address lookup to


Simply Postcode Address lookup can enter an address in any part of  Microsoft CRM. Such as Leads, Account, Additional addresses.  Simply move the cursor to the first line of address in the Microsoft CRM.  Then press Windows + S key, to activate

Postcode Lookup software for your Web site

When installed into your own web site, Customers simply press a button to activate address lookup - enter postcode - select address - and the software fills  in the appropriate information into Web Page. 

The Javascript, added to your web site, adds a button which displays our Postcode lookup window.   After the user selects the address, having searched by postcode, the lookup windows writes the address information back to the fields you specified in the initial setup.

Simply open an account

From our web site create a button to add to your web page.  This generates a small java script to add to your page.  Copy this

Copy this code into your web page where you want the find button to appear
Publish your web page

Simply go to page on web and enter tags (Line1, Line2... Town, City, PostCode) in your address fields

Press the search button for the first time.

Our sever will read your page and automatically map the address fields to our Postcode search window

Now select settings as described below

Press [Finish] button when finished

Refresh your page and you should have an Address lookup button

Adding Postcode lookup to a web page
Test with free credits
Buy Credits

To go back into setup, simply enter "SETUP" in search, then enter password.

Tip : Use postcode "ZZ99" to test without using credits

Add postcode address lookup to your own applications

Simply install our postcode address lookup software, then either get the user to press [Windows] + [s] key to activate in the first line of the address, or use our COM object to call the search window and extract the address from a button in your application.

We also offer great reseller margins, which can be applied for from the menu option on the left-hand menu.

Add button to your Application, to activate the Postcode Address search, using the following code.  

VB.NET/Visual Basic Postcode Address Search Code:

'Open Postcode Address Search object to perform search
Dim LookupSoftware As Object
Set LookupSoftware = GetObject("", "COMAddress.Lookup")

With LookupSoftware

   ' US=Zip code search,UK=Postcode address Search
   .SearchType = "UK" 

   'To prime search box from your application
   .SearchPrima = "" 

   'Set search window Title
   .SearchTitle = "Search Example" 

   'Show Address Search window
   If .SearchForCode() Then

      'Fill in returned address data
      Me.Company = .CompanyName
      Me.Line1 = .Line1
      Me.Line2 = .Line2
      Me.Line3 = .Line3
      Me.Town = .Town
      Me.County = .CountyState
      Me.Postcode = .PostZipCode
      Me.Country = .Country

      'The following are for UK Only
      Me.MailSort = .MailSort 
      Me.BarCode = .BarCode 
      Me.PropertyType = .PropertyType 
      'Postcode Address Search cancelled
   End If
End With

Set LookupSoftware=nothing

COMAddress.Lookup is a COM object, which in the above example is being used in VB, but the same object could easily be used with VB.NET, Delphi, and another language which allows you to create and use a COM object

Open MS Access or MS Excel examples included in installation which contains the above example Postcode Address Lookup/Search Code.